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September, 2013
ILO and Unite Nations
Description of the tasks undertaken: 

The review of the Zanzibar YEAP 2007 is a concerted effort by the Ministry of Labour, Economic Empowerment and Cooperatives and key stakeholders with a view to: Taking into account the socio-economic changes including MKUZA II, UNDAP etc. so as to have a realistic and implementable youth employment action plan; Stimulating action by individuals and groups of stakeholders to involve themselves in processes and programs that directly and indirectly contributes in the realization of the next generation of the YEAP

Services rendered: Critically review progress and achievements against targets set in the Youth Employment Action Plan 2007; assess how policies, programs and activities already taken have contributed towards the realization of the YEAP

Analyze findings and Define the scope of the next phase of the YEAP including its contents, institutional framework and coordination programme, MKUZAII etc.

Generate policy actions, including objectives, targets, operational outcomes and indicators.